Chartered Communities

Delivering a rock-solid and consistent IU experience

Together, we’ve got this: bringing alumni together to support IU and one another. IUAA chartered communities are at the heart of this mission, serving as the faces of IU and the IUAA. We welcome, connect, rally, serve, lead, and deliver IU alumni experience.

The IUAA Chartered Alumni Communities Program (CACP) is a framework of operational standards and programs designed to support and develop a strong, vibrant culture of philanthropy which creates the best possible volunteer experience for all who love IU. This program identifies university needs and provides resources and training for volunteers to help them fulfill those needs in a fun and efficient manner.  

The CACP is unique because its structure remains consistent, but the specific volunteer opportunities may change as university needs evolve. It consists of training and education – so our volunteers feel prepared to serve – and a selection of volunteer campaigns that they can choose from that provide needed support to IU and its alumni. All alumni volunteers, connected to an official group or as individual, can participate in each campaign to keep these opportunities as inclusive as possible. 

Elements of the Chartered Alumni Communities Program

Charter requirements

Basic operational standards that each community completes annually to maintain charter status

Core campaigns

Four key campaigns in which all chartered communities are required to participate

Optional campaigns

Supplemental campaigns that communities may participate in to further engage alumni

Charter requirements

Each community is required to meet basic operational requirements to maintain its charter. Think of the requirements as the nuts and bolts of managing a community. The IUAA charters the following types of communities:

  • Affiliate communities: Groups that share a common bond of self-identity or experience. For example, IUAA charters the Latino Alumni Association for people who identify as Latino and the Marching Hundred Alumni Association for people who were part of the Marching Hundred marching band.
  • Constituent communities: Constituent groups organize around the academic school or regional campus through which they matriculate. For example, The Media School Alumni Association.
  • Geographic communities: These communities are defined by where alumni live. For example, the Chicago Chapter.

» Charter requirements serve alumni and IU by assuring them that IUAA is handling their data, their contributions, and their identities in a consistent and responsible way.


Scholarship Campaign

Volunteers can support scholarship by promoting scholarship availability and encouraging scholarship applications. Chartered alumni communities can support scholarships in four ways: Promoting scholarship availability, fundraising, encouraging scholarship application, and celebrating scholarship recipients. Learn more about Alumni Scholarships

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Welcome To Campaign

As IU alumni, we share a unique bond that connects us no matter where in the world we are. Whether recent graduates, new to the area, or just new to the group, it’s so important that we welcome new additions to our community. Making someone feel like they belong goes a long way in continuing their involvement. These “welcome to” events can be one-on-one interactions, longer networking events, or virtual “hellos” – whatever works best for your community or volunteers. 

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IU Day Campaign

IU Day is the world’s biggest IU celebration, but it’s also a day to reflect on the incredible memories you’ve made at this university. As we look toward IU’s future, we want to ensure that students in the years to come are able to enjoy the same incredible experience. That’s why we ask for your help in giving back to the place that gave us so many connections worth celebrating. Learn more about IU Day

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Trustee Election Campaign

As graduate of Indiana University, we have the unique responsibility of electing three of the nine members of the IU Board of Trustees. IU’s trustees are responsible for vital tasks like helping steer major university decisions, managing the multi-billion-dollar budget, and coordinating projects that will shape IU’s future. That’s why it’s so important for qualified candidate to run for trustee, and for all graduates to vote in the election. Learn more about the IU Trustee Election

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Go Above and Beyond

Optional campaigns are additional opportunities to help grow and enhance the IU volunteer experience. Some of the most popular programs include community service programs, watch parties, and career and professional development programs.  

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Training, Resources, Reporting, and Recognition


Training is a key marker of success for chartered community leaders. IUAA offers a variety of training opportunities, such as the annual Alumni Leaders Weekend, webcasts and online training, one-on-one coaching with staff liaisons, group conversations with other alumni leaders, as well as other IUAA staff expertise and support.


When a chartered community fulfills its charter requirements and moves to the core campaigns, IUAA offers additional resources. These range from virtual resources (like social media graphics and sample email or post copy) to physical resources (like banners, shirts, and event décor.)


Tell your story! Group leaders are asked to complete a simple reporting template after each event to help track success. By following a reporting template, it’s easier to celebrate successes and identify ways to help. IUAA offers metrics for groups to track and a simple dashboard to measure progress:

  • Participation How many people attended your event.
  • Revenue Income generated by your group through sources like donations and event registrations.
  • Satisfaction Check-in and survey your alumni following a campaign


Let’s celebrate! The Chartered Communities Recognition Program will acknowledge your group’s completion of the charter requirements and participation in the core campaigns.